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Rebels In Disguise : Generative Collection

Use a Coin to redeem a Rebel. Or hold it a while for a chance to win one of the 3D Main Character Rebels and more. Choice is yours! Rebels in Disguise is a 2D and 3D NFT project which consists of a total of 5,555 (5,565 maximum with the special 1/1 drawings) hand drawn Rebels on Ethereum Blockchain and animations. As the whole project shapes around its rich story, some of the most active holders will have a key role in the future of the story and outcome as a project in the first Roadmap. We aim a collaboration amongst the community members to continue the original storyline. As the holders write a background story for their Rebels, there will eventually be a chance for some of the holders to see their Rebel in 3D, starring in the short animation movie.
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