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NFTs are dead? NFTs are dead!
The Bear Market of 2022 ongoing now rekt a lot of people, friends and family included. Only the strong ones continue to degen, usually for nothing more than burger money, but sometimes, only sometimes, miracles happen.

The NFT space has devolved into a rich-getting-richer/poor-getting-poorer competition of the survival of the fittest, where greed and instand gratification quickly sends any good project to zero. The average NFT enthusiast of September 2022 is short-sighted, ambition-less and has lost track of the possibilities that attracted them to the NFT space in the first place.

AIgotrekt is a social experiment with a satirical commentary on the average NFT/crypto mindset, a pre-meme, if you will. The cryptobros left the space, who are we left with?

Communities and their sentiments.

What you do with that information, is of course totally up to you.

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