Ape Gang

Ape Gang was created as a PFP project on May 4th 2021 and minted in June 2021. We are now becoming a global decentralised brand with an ecosystem fueled by our own $GANG utility token.
This is the $GANG-yielding (migrated) collection.
If you want access to $GANG token yielding, simply buy an NFT directly from this collection or from the original Ape Gang collection and migrate it via our Website. Migration ends December 2022 or later if needed.
Every Ape Gang NFT is uniquely generated from 149 traits with different rarities. Besides great digital art, this is also your entry ticket to a soon-to-be global decentralised brand with an amazing community and activities spanning gaming, merchandise, a 3D metaverse, educational content plus much more to come.
Owners have full commercial usage rights over their NFT.

Associated with Toucan Gang.

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