The Baby Gator World is a world full of positive vibes. Everyone here lives with respect, being good, and takes care of each other. Years ago, negative elements entered into many people’s daily lives, including Anxiety, Hate, Anger, Jealousy, and Sadness - what the Gators call the Big Five. The only way to defeat them was to gather more positive energy together…
Together, Baby Gators value the ability of overcoming the Big Five with a natural positive inclination, and expressing this to others too!
There are only 2000 Baby Gators, and they give you access to token rewards boosts on the Bubble token the more Gators you own, in addition to access to limited edition collectibles, token gated comics, and flagship status in this exciting brand and community.
The Gators are created by Chow Hon Lam with Bubbleworld, an artist who has dedicated his life to the Gators, positivity, and worked with people from Stella McCartney to Brooklyn Beckham.

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