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Bali Dancer NFT

Bali Dancer NFT is a digital asset that works as a membership card and assists tourists in premium clubs, restaurants, cafes, and tourist spots in Bali.

Bali Dancer NFT will be released in stages but will be limited in the smart contract to 10,000 NFTs to ensure its rarity. Bali Dancer NFT development will ensure that it is not only a pretty face, but will have the smarts, with developments in the future into gamified benefits. DeFi Benefit is also planned for the future to give Explorers access to liquidity and potential to earn profits.

Starting with 300 locations on Bali Island that give benefits to Explorers, the number of curated of locations will increase, along with the growing community of like-minded Explorers from their own country and other countries will grow. This continuing improvements will increase the underlying value of Bali Dancer NFT.

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