BladeRunner Punks

BladeRunner Punks are the new generation of punk avatar NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. 10,000 unique futuristic dystopian profile pictures that provide 100% CC0 ownership to holders, newly constructed from scratch from over 100 traits to a defined punk-DNA rarity system. With a cool clean confident look, always forward facing and drawing eye-to-eye contact, BladeRunner Punks emanate strong identity and status. Inspired by the greatest sci-fi movie of all time, and by the greatest punk NFT collection of all time! Look out for two new classes of punk - the 5 Replicants (Mythical) and 124 Androids (Legendary) with their own new traits. These will be very valuable in the future, alongside the more familiar rare types - the 9 Aliens (Mythical) and the 88 Zombies (Legendary). Every punk has been redesigned from the old OG look to be unique, with fresh trait combinations! Note: BladeRunner Punks are not associated with Larva Labs, the Blade Runner movie, or Alcon Entertainment.

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