Once upon the time in C:\Users\Admin\Pictures by Graphica

Post Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities is Fellowship's second group show celebrating a new wave of innovation in AI video and photography.

The folder "C:\Users\Admin\Pictures" holds a peculiar fascination for me, despite never having utilized it prior to my foray into PC-based work. Perhaps it holds something sacred or significant that one would preserve, or perhaps it is a repository of accidental clutter. It feels akin to Pandora's Box of JPEGs, its contents an enigma waiting to be discovered.

My work centers around the reimagining of antiquated and kitschy advertisements, internet graphics, and prehistoric memes, and transforming them into nostalgic voyages. I am a visionary of parody or perhaps a parody of a visionary. Through my work, I offer punchlines without accompanying jokes, a metamorphosis of banal daily existence and overanalyzing thoughts into evocative imagery.

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