Owning a Champz NFT goes beyond the art—it's your entry into the magical forest of Arborethia, a world we've meticulously created from our passion and love for RPG gaming. Each character holds unique power in a thriving, play-and-earn ecosystem. As an owner, you gain community access, enabling you to connect and strategize with countless other dedicated players in taking on adventures, fighting invaders, forging weapons, earning Ethereum rewards, leveling up everything you own including your characters, and much more.

Your NFT also places you on our allowlist for future drops, so that you're at the forefront for new gear and items. Plus, you'll enjoy the perk of exclusive airdrops, always keeping your gameplay fresh and competitive.

With Champz NFTs, you're not simply collecting Pics; you're actively having fun in a gaming experience where ownership has privileges beyond anything offered by other crypto gaming projects. Welcome to the next level of online RPGs.

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