Coniun aims to lower the risks while maximizing the gains.
- Coniun Pass holders have unlimited access to our product.
- 2 Coniun Passes holders will be whitelisted for our upcoming PFP avatar project ERA.
- Coniun Pass holders will be able to claim whitelist spots from the projects that are listed on our product.
- Each Coniun Pass NFT comes with a C-BOX. Our holders can redeem gifts by unlocking their boxes every week on our website.
A CBOX can contain;
- An NFT from our partner projects
- A whitelist spot from an upcoming project
- An NFT from the collections chosen by the community
- An NFT created by a successful NFT artist exclusive to Coniun owners.
- Fragments that can be used to upgrade your PFP avatar ( ERA )

Our product:

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    116.02 Ξ

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