Dusktopia is a cyberpunk world-building P2E metaverse featuring three different types of NFTs – lands, properties and avatars. Dusktopia will start with a genesis drop of 5555 land NFTs. Each NFT will form part of the Dusktopian storyline, and will belong to one of four main ‘worlds’ – Blighted Badlands, Glacial Frontier, Sundered Grove and Sky Citadel.

In the longer term, the team is planning to develop a full-fledged metaverse experience in which players will be able to interact with all assets in a meaningful way. Instead of a linear $DAWN reward system, we aim to build out a real-world system in which players will earn and use $DAWN for actions taken within the gamified experience.

Dusktopia is where metaverse enthusiasts converge to build their power bases. Join us today and forge your own path - from Dusk to Dawn.

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