Exclusible Alpha

Alpha NFT Collection reflects the Exclusible explorative journey in the ever-changing Web3 universe. There are four elements in this collection, each represents gods and goddesses of ancient mythology in Web3.
The goddess of love and beauty transforms into Amore, representing creative energy and generative power of digital nature in Metaverse.
Lachesis The mythical spinner of life’s thread evolves into a Fateweaver in the blockchain realm, where destiny is shaped by decentralized systems.
Athena The guardian of cities becomes Protege in the Web3 universe, embodying wisdom, strategy and protection in decentralized networks and digital ecosystems.
Gaia The ancient Greek goddess of the Earth takes on a new identity as Terra in the Web3 world, embodying the power and interconnectedness of our planet.
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/exclusible Discord URL: http://discord.gg/exclusible

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