First Day Out by DrifterShoots

First Day Out is the open edition collection by DrifterShoots, released on the 1 year anniversary of his first day out of jail.

I stopped silently on the bridge and peered off into the night. I turned to the bridge and looked up as I always do, reminding myself that this wouldn’t last forever. Turning up a hidden ladder I climbed headlong into the night, the chains of a broken heart falling away the higher I went. I sat silently atop the bridge, my eyes glistening with city lights, the sounds of taxis and fleeting youth filled the air below. I watched and watched, my eyes filling with tears, after all this time, it all still had a hold on me. I couldn’t shake the dream, after cold cell walls and nights spent curled up on dirty cell floors, after the touch of an officer's gun to the back of my skull, I was still here. Everything that remains is sacred, you find that in the aftermath you possess all that you need, in that moment I knew I was meant to keep dreaming.

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