GojuoNFT Classic

- GojuoNFT Colored ID 2704 - 5407: https://opensea.io/collection/gojuonft-colored

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GojuoNFT are 5408 uniquely generated poker cards in ERC-721 standard. Each card contains a Japanese character, its phonetic alphabet or its English meaning, a suit and a rank. Unlike most NFT projects only storing a website link into the blockchain, ALL visual elements and ALL metadata of GojuoNFT are securely put on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain. It makes our NFT collection truly immutable. We will also launch a Play-to-Learn-to-Earn game exclusive for our NFT owners!

- Website: https://gojuonft.io/

- Virtual Gallery: https://oncyber.io/gojuonft

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