Henosis Tigers by Albert Madaula

Henosis Tigers is a fine art collection of hand-drawn felines. Albert Madaula is the internationally acclaimed artist behind this truly unique art-meets-tech collection whose art has been featured in the likes of Architectural Digest, Netflix and many others.
This is Albert Madaula’s first and only digital collection.
Albert Madaula’s work is strongly influenced by Greek-Roman iconography, bringing together different deconstructed complex layers into ‘Henosis’, which stands for ‘unity’ in classical Greek. He plays with ferocious features to convey the strength and bold essence of the tiger and uses a vivid color-palette characteristic of Mediterranean colors.
Each Henosis Tiger is entirely unique and algorithmically generated by combining 33 unrepeatable traits with varying rarity across categories. As the first collection of the GenusLabs ecosystem, Henosis Tigers will provide anticipated access to future NFT collections.

Welcome to Henosis Tigers by Albert Madaula #HenosisRoar

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