OCM Karma

NEW FOR Q1 2023: Hold a Karma to get a chance to mint the next major work by Alexis André, creator of Friendship Bracelets, one of the top traded NFTs on OpenSea. Hold an OCM Set (a Genesis + any Karma1 + any Karma2) to get a guaranteed mint spot.

OnChainMonkey (OCM) Genesis and Karma are your membership into the Monkeyverse where you have access to many benefits: earning our Banana token, unlocking unique rewards from OCM Missions, participation in our 2000 ETH+ OCM DAO, and exclusive access to drops from our team and partners, such as Memeland, where OCM holders received over 100 mint spots.

Karma1 are Type Incredible.
Karma2 are Type Divine.

Genesis: https://opensea.io/collection/onchainmonkey

Desserts: https://opensea.io/collection/ocm-dessert

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