Kyojin Senshi - Genesis

Kyojin Senshi Genesis is the first collection, 3200 Giant Warriors split into 4 clans (800 each clan).


1) Holders of a Genesis Kyojin Senshi will be able to mint Gen2 (Free mint, Staking Tokens + Gas).

2) Via the accumulated staking tokens they will also be able to upgrade their PFP, up to an animated PFP.

3) Holders also have access to holders only channels where we mirror/rewrite alpha calls from the Top paid Alpha groups in the space (currently from 2 ETH worth of passes but we will buy more).

4) Auto whitelist for all future Free Mints launched in the future by WAGMI (The Founder) and the Team.

5) Vetted Whitelist Raffles only for holders in our Discord, via token gated giveaways to ensure a fair distribution.

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  • Vol.

    0.1 Ξ

  • Floor

    N/A Ξ