Las Vegas: Rapid Change in the West

"Las Vegas: Rapid Change in the West" is a collection of AI post-photography that places viewers into a discussion on what it means to experience personal, societal, and environmental change. Through diverse narrative scenarios, this collection captures the glamour, violence, and everyday moments that happen in a mythical version of one of the most dramatic transitions in the American West.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Las Vegas experienced a rapid transition from a quiet, rural desert town into a major tourist destination, run by the mob, that hosted an increasing mobile US population. Las Vegas quickly evolved into a mythical place in people's minds where perception, "reality' and lived experiences are often in conflict. Life goes on, but it is often weird.

Post-prompt editing is kept to a minimum to allow the strangeness and quirks of AI to come through, providing a historical look at what MidJourney was like during this particular time with these specific circumstances.

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