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Legends of Atlantis

Lost for centuries — Atlantis has been raised from the depths and restored as a breathtaking Metaverse as an Ethereum based collection with fully hand-draw NFTs with painstaking details

-Fully built MMORPG metaverse
- 3 different characters models inside of single collection
- 1 Legends Of Atlantis NFT = 1 Atlantean Parcel Pass (parcel pass is essentially your own land in our metaverse that will be completely separete NFT)
NFT ID #1-#2000 --> 50% FOR GOLDEN MYSTERY BOX + 10% chance for luxury villa on your future Atlantean Parcel Pass
NFT ID #2000-#4000 --> 50% FOR SILVER MYSTERY BOX
NFT ID #4000-#5000 --> 50% FOR BRONZE MYSTERY BOX
Note: ID WILL NOT be affecting rarity after the reveal
Note: These mystery boxes and villas will be claimable in the metaverse
Note: Check your ID in details

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