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Leni Acosta Knight

LENI ACOSTA KNIGHT is a Hawaii based international artist. Leni's thought-provoking artwork are predominantly inspired by her love of philosophy, science, mythology and poetry. She combines classical realism and abstract expressionism and specializes in painting with oil, acrylic and watercolor; and drawing with graphite and charcoal. Similar to a symbolist poet, her work can evoke powerful emotions from relatable real-life stories that are told through her canvas. Leni's NFT artwork is uniquely described as "High Touch Artist Enhanced NFT Art". As a breast cancer survivor and an advocate against domestic and sexual violence, she dedicates her work to help worthwhile humanitarian projects and donates a substantial portion of her sales to organizations supporting such causes. Leni is represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain and Wy’s Gallery in Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA

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