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Life in Our Minds (LIOM)

About | OG.Art | Twitter | Discord A boundary-pushing NFT art project created by Random International and Danil Krivoruchko, produced by Pace Verso and on the OG.Art platform.

It consists of two major interrelated parts: a collection of 990 dynamic NFTs and a generative video sculpture entitled the Mother Flock. Each LIOM NFT is a 3D-video interactive artwork that keeps developing after its sale. The complex evolutionary process here depends on NFT collectors’ behaviours and their wallet contents. Evolution Mechanics in the LIOM project reward the holding of LIOM NFTs, rather than the typical ‘flipping’ so common in the NFT space. In the owner’s wallet, LIOM NFTs can also get special traits from several dozens of major NFT collections. In this context, LIOM can be viewed as a representation of wide-spanning NFT market dynamics.

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