LUSD Chicken Bonds

(🥚,🐔) LUSD Chicken Bonds: a DeFi protocol paired with a generative NFT collection
When users deposit LUSD into the Chicken Bonds, they receive an Egg-NFT that contains the claim upon the assets. It can be transferred or resold.
The Egg-NFT features three randomized attributes (Border, Card, Egg Color) and one attribute scaling with the amount of LUSD deposited (Egg Size).
The NFT evolves with the users' interaction with the app: Chicken Bonds pioneers Dynamic NFTs.
When they confirm or cancel the bond, their Egg-NFT evolves into a Chad Chicken or Scared Chicken and gains additional generative attributes. Depending on the wallet onchain activities, the user can obtain more attributes: if the wallet owns a Liquity trove, or LQTY (staked too), or voted for the LUSD/3pool Curve gauge.
The art for the LUSD Chicken Bonds NFT lives fully onchain (.svg approach) and was made by Luchador, creator of the eponym collection.

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