Moments of Argleton Lane by Jacqui Kenny

Post Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities is Fellowship's second group show celebrating a new wave of innovation in AI video and photography.

"Moments of Argleton Lane" represents more than a project; it embodies my journey of self-discovery and liberation from anxiety and agoraphobia. I could be perceived as a post-photographer, curator, storyteller, or a guide to an alternate realm discovered in my search for solace. As I delved into Google Street View, I encountered temporal glitches and visual anomalies that hinted at an existing, alternative world separate from the one I created.

This ethereal realm materialized as 'Argleton Lane,' a phantom town that appeared on Google Maps in the 2000s. It may have been a 'trap street' inserted by mapmakers to protect their copyright. The series "Moments of Argleton Lane" is the latest chapter of a larger series, following the debut of "Homes of Argleton Lane" and "Flora of Argleton Lane".

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