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About NFT Alerts App:

- Collection Floor Alerts : If it drops to the maximum price you specified, you will receive an alert.
- Mint Alerts : If the desired amount of mint is made within the minute you specify, you will receive an alert.
- Safe Mint : It allows you to mint with metamask directly from the without going to the collection website.
- Auto Mint : It allows you to mint in collections that are suitable for the filters you specify, without being at the computer.

Added New Features:

1) Email Alerts (2022-07-02)

2) Table sorting in minting list (2022-07-04)

3) Trending list (2022-07-08)

4) Sales and mints monitor (2022-07-10)

5) New minting table and added sorting filter by 5 minutes. (2022-07-13)

6) Mint price in the minting table has been improved. (2022-07-20)

7) Safe Mint (2022-07-24)

8) Discord Alerts (2022-07-29)

9) Auto Mint (2022-07-30)

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