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NFTinit Founders

NFTinit is all-in-one software to search and snipe glorious NFT world opportunities with a committed community.

NFTinit Founders Membership Privileges

✅Unlimited access to features

✅Exclusive access on NFTinit Discord with active NFT trading community

✅Early Beta access to all incoming features

✅Smart bidding, Trait-based bidding, Private Key bidding and much more

✅Auto-purchase according to the inputs you set. (max price, max rarity or specific trait)

✅Sound alerts and/or Auto Metamask popup for listings matching your criteria

✅Gas presetting, buy NFTs directly from the website

✅Get instant notifications for the floor, sales count, gas and volume changes

✅Easily visualize the profitability of assets

✅Utilize advanced data visualization for historical and current data

✅View rarity rankings and percentiles for 1000+ collections directly on OpenSea

✅4 different calculation methods (Trait Normalization x Trait Count)

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    4.49 Ξ

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