Daily Changing Ugly Faces by V. Lishko

Meet the new on-chain generative art collection of the Avatizer project!

The on-chain art revolution continues: Avatizer Mint Pass (https://opensea.io/collection/avatizer) presents Ugly Faces by Vitaliy Lishko.

The new collection consists of weird-looking stylish NFT art pieces generated by an on-chain algorithm based on the initial painting by Vitaliy Lishko, a famous Ukrainian designer. These NFTs change their look and emotions once a day (this process can be paused/resumed whenever you like).

Another part of the collection contains 100 one-time purchase certificate tokens granting their holders a real painting from Vitaliy Lishko that depicts any of their owned paused Ugly Faces NFT.

NOTE: OpenSea takes some time to cache the NFTs once the faces are reloaded. If your NFT takes too long to update, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the listing.

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