Resurrection by Coniun

The first collection that is minted by sacrificing an NFT
We have developed a smart contract that lets you mint via using an NFT. Mint and transfer are happening in a single TXN so it's pretty gas optimized.
1) Most projects cant sell out during a bear market.
2) People are undercutting floor prices of almost every collection when a hype project is minting during a bull market because they need liquidity.
We believe this minting method can change that since it removes liquidity needs.
We are willing to share this contract with other projects to let them mint with;
Only ETH
Only NFTs
Instead of trying to explain it to everyone, we wanted to show it in action and since we don't seek for securing any funds by doing that, Resurrection was the best idea.
While introducing a new technology to the world, we wanted to give your NFTs a second chance.

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