Rifters: Keys

What is a Rifters Key and how do I increase the value of it?

Visit Degen Doors and see what your key has already unlocked. Then from there you can roll for additional loot or charecters, or burn doors to claim your NFT.

What is Rifters?

Rifters is a series of community engagement competitive games, designed to get communities playing and competing against each others. All games combine together to create many paths one can pursue to help their community From treasure hunting, tournaments, social quests, PVP, role playing, deep stories, strategy, leaderboards, and many more It is one of a kind game, defining a new Genre that can revolutionize gaming across multiple chains.

ETH Communities will battle each other and the world itself using their own NFT collections in game.

Communities already involved:
BAYC, MAYC through Apelist, Azuki through Azuki Alpha, Clone X, Godjira, Doodles, Zooverse, TBD Kitchen, Cool Cats, ETH Lizards and Squishiverse

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