RTFKT x RIMOWA Meta-Artisan Collection 🌌

The RTFKT x RIMOWA Meta-Artisan Collection 🌌
Encompassing a new collection of NFTs, limited-edition luggage and a robot collectible, the new collaboration brings to life —and to the Metaverse— the ultimate experience for RIMOWA enthusiasts and Web3 collectors. Combining their respective craftsmanship, RTFKT and RIMOWA have come together to create a RTFKT x RIMOWA limited edition Original Cabin Luggage, with only 888 pieces produced – a nod to the luck associated with the number in the web3 world.

Alongside the digital and physical iterations of the Cabin Luggage, there are 2222 NFTs of a robot collectible. Designed by RTFKT, the NFT takes the form of a space WorkerBot, The Wandersmith’s trusted assistant, within the RTFKT x RIMOWA universe.

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