Seals and Eels

Quiet. This is serious. Free mint - Seals mint in even hours. Eels mint in odd hours. If 100 Seals or Eels are minted in an hour then they are rewarded with special weather and the other is punished with bad weather. Includes generative art component, hourly type selector, mint activity influenced weather events, headshot (aka PFP) included, and parallel universe. Dimensions: print friendly 4600px x 4600px and Headshot: 1400px x 1400px.

Want to show off your Seal or Eel PFP style? This is covered with a headshot image cropped from the original and included in the attributes (ipfs_url). I like to think of Seals and Eels as an art piece, but it is many things with many influences.

If a Seal is minted, then there is a parallel universe Eel and vice versa... stay tuned.

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