Sipherian Surge

The first 10,000 Sipherians, SIPHER, are the combination of two ideals: Surrogates and Cipher. These are the adventurers in the world of Sipheria. The first of the races, INU, make up the 1st Fleet of the "Sipherian Surge," and were created by mad scientists as a product of animal CRISPR-genome extraction and ethereal elements. Each of these 10,000 INUs possesses unique features, sub-racial traits, and abilities for the mission to establish the first World Block in Sipheria.
Rare sub-race traits are available as BioZ, Cyborg or Cosmic. These are limited with a cap for each type at 1500, 1000 and 500 respectively. Each sub-trait carries unique abilities that impact gameplay and rewards.

The Sipherian Surge 1st Fleet come with a random mix of rare costumes and weapons, allowing each adventurer to assemble a uniquely rare costume set. Costumes will determine attributes buffs, while weapons will determine the class of the character. A complete costume set will grant special attributes.

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