The Skids have finally been UNRUGGED! 8,888 Free Pixel Skids have now officially been dropped onto the Ethereum Blockchain! This collection was made for all those who have lost money with BS Rugs! This one's for you guys!

—> 456 Days ago, the Skids Official Collection was launched. 8,888 Skids were promised (along with an NFT Game), and only 1,121 were actually released to unsuspecting buyers at 0.07 ETH! (Back when ETH was crazy high!). Like so many other punks, this garbage team took the first round of Mint cash and ran for the hills. An idiotic thought since they already HAD THE FREAKING ART! Anyway, I decided to deconstruct the collection and add some randomization magic of my own, with a few switch-ups to improve the overall collection as best as I could.

—> There will be no official Roadmap, BUT Skids UnRugged Holders will be the sole recipients of all my upcoming “UnRugged” Collections! Best vibes to all!

--> Free Mint! Limit to 10 x wallet.

--> 1K Stay Locked away.

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