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TRUE OWNERS: 47% (due to HARD staking). ~80% Titans Staked & ~60% Titans staked for 3 years.
Steady Stack is Lifestyle Brand & Tech Innovation Leader. Titans are a global network composed of the best entrepreneurs, business & project builders, traders, investors and VCs around, dedicated to creating success together inside the world's most premier wealth and growth-driven mastermind & membership ecosystem in existence, emitting good vibes at all times.
Steady Stack offers #1 utility in the space, with one of the strongest communities in existence.
Titans are the Wealth Creation Illuminati . Pioneering the New Meta. Paths to wealth generation & upward mobility at all levels. Good vibes at all times.
Steady Stack is also the first business in NFTs to create Multiple Revenue Streams Beyond Royalties (via Enterprise & Consumer products and solutions) to sustain longevity regardless of market conditions.

Check #List-of-Utilities in Discord. Too much too sh to list...

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