SWEETS: On-chain Candies

SWΞΞTS is an NFT collection of on-chain, generative candies from Rove.

Each SWΞΞT is algorithmically generated in 3D and lives forever on Ethereum. (When the robots take over the world, they’ll probably eat SWΞΞTS.)

No two SWΞΞTS are alike. Each of the 5,000 designs incorporates a different size, shape, and surface. As well as being unique, they’re also interoperable. Use them to enrich any metaverse, games, or virtual world with exquisitely detailed 3D objects.

In the Rove multiverse, your SWΞΞTS can function as in-game items, digital sculptures, or generative homes. Use them in any way you want. Start your SWΞΞTS collection today and personalize your metaverse experience with objects that last forever.

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