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SYLTARE, Dawn of East

SYLTARE is a P2E Trading Card Game.

Not a holder? No worries. You can still earn SYL Tokens in 'Normal Mode'.

Have 2 or more SYLCARDS? Come join the battle and earn SYL Tokens in 'Duel Mode'.

# “If one can imagine it, it exists.”

Who would win in a battle? General Lee Sun-Shin or Alexander the Great? Would Robin Hood be able to best an elf with a bow? What if Haetae were to battle Pikachu? Let your imagination run wild in SYLTARE.

SYLTARE is a trading card game using NFTs. In the world of SYLTARE, various heroes of legends and history are yours to own and use in strategic battles.

How did all these heroes come to exist in a single space and time? What is happening in the universe? Secrets will unfold as you fight your way through many battles alongside your favorite heroes. It should also never be forgotten that a just reward rightfully belongs to the victors.

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