The Devils Grimoire

"Our Evilverse™ is a cult of like-minded Web3 degen powerhouses Hell bent on world domination. That’s right, frens. We're going to take over the world one NFT at a time! And no one will stop us, because the idea of world domination via jpeg is just too ludicrous for anyone to even bother. Oh, how much fun this is going to be! I'm just tickled!"

- The Beast

The Devil's Grimoire™ NFT is an Evilverse™ Limited Edition visual puzzle clue. It gives access to an IRL Devil's Grimoire™ book. It contains unlockable content featuring our ATLAS OF EVIL™ (White Paper), our Mini Pitchfork Deck, our visual Roadmap to Damnation, and the first 3 of 9 Evilverse™ Roadmaps - the Road to Damnation, Requiem Road and the Road to Hell. So, join us… or suffer eternal regret. 👊🦎🦎

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