-The Odd Dystrict-

After the cataclysmic event 10 years ago that wiped out 99.97% of the population and left the planet ravaged by radioactive matter, only 5000 Oddys remain.

Civilization has found a way to survive these conditions through the breakthrough technology named inoculation of Technetium 99 (TC-99) - a biological enhancement to the heart that was developed by the late scientist Dr. Keldor. While this procedure keeps them alive it does not protect them from the physical effects caused by the planet's radiation. These heart pieces are fuelled by the chemical compound TC-99 which is mined but demand is slowly outweighing the resource's supply.

2 years ago the Oddys found an ancient text that allowed them to open a Portal to other worlds, using these portals the Oddys have started to populate and find TC-99 in other dimensions. Can you help them on their travels?

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