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Hello, let's sit down and chill in this restingverse of TiredButCute.

TiredButCute exists to represent you and me who are cute but on the edge and tired of all the pounding and grinding in this fast-paced world. We will introduce you to the Blanket and the ButCute squad through our unique 3,333 collection. The ButCute squad takes you inside the Blanket to show the universe of resting and enjoying daily life. The collection is filled with different types of emotion we go through facing different hustle and bustle every day in need for a room of pause with a touch of cuteness.

The community along with the restingverse is connected and built along with colorful (but chill) activities whether it's among us for with experts who knows what they're talking about, e-books and merch for us to reconnect with each other and have fun in the presence of fellow tired buddies.

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