Toy Stash

Toy Stash is a Hand-Generated collection of 11,111 NFTs. Each Toy Stash was curated and built by Doug using a generator one NFT at a time! This way each and every single Toy Stash NFT has his personal touch and vibes!

The Toy Stash collection is not a “companion” collection to our Toy Boogers genesis collection. Stash is one of our main characters and the Mastermind of the Toy Boogers Universe!

As many people suspected, Stash is the one who stuck the booger on the teleportation machine’s focusing crystal in the original Toy Boogers backstory! This is what caused the wild transformations to occur to the characters, just as Stash had devised.

This time he rigged his hamster wheel onto the metaverse teleportation machine and activated it while running as fast as he could on the hamster wheel. This let him go through the teleportation vortex thousands of times and new versions of himself were created and teleported into the metaverse to live forever as NFTs!

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