TwiLifeClub Image Collection Campaign

Just remember one thing for all the web3 warriors, we are Free Mint for Death-List but not ETH.

0 ETH for mint, 0 Tax for trading. Just enjoy the TLC Image Collection Free Mint Campaign!

Collection Campaign Rewards:

1 - Hold GIFs and keep active in the community, will be the Deathlist LV1(1TLC Avatar can be minted)

2-Hold 4 different character GIFs (men, women, boys and girls) will be Deathlist LV2(3TLC Avatars can be minted) and Early Access to TLC’s Motion Capture System

3 - Hold a TLC 2D NFT + 4 different character GIFs, will be airdrop 1 TLC Avatar to you and being Deathlist LV3 (5*TLC Avatars can be minted)

Design is based on:

  • Items


  • Owners


  • Vol.

    0.44 Ξ

  • Floor

    N/A Ξ