UPDAO Captain

The Genesis 55 Captain NFTs are from a collection of 555 unique UPDAO Captain NFTs, living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The UPDAO a diversified community of award-wining engineers, product managers and NFT/WEB3 investors, with Great Sailing spirit in mind. Our primary mission is to enable everyone to be a decentralized marketplace by building innovative products and tools. We will connect NFTs with both real world and metaverse, bringing 100 million people into NFT world.

The Captain NFT, handcrafted by UPDAO artists, is the first batch and most honorable PASS to UPDAO. Your Captain NFT doubles as your UPDAO membership card and access to members-only benefits, including but not limited to future NFTs, tokens, community events and product rights. Further information can be unlocked at weupdao.io

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