Virago: The Beginning

Virago is the first interchangeable NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing for true Ownership and Customization. Virago is also developing its own Metaverse with a series of Games. By Holding a Virago you can choose between different poses to display and change the name of your NFTs.

Virago is currently building a Non-KYC Exchange that will allow holders to withdraw and deposit Funds without having to provide any Documents. It is the epidemy of decentralization. By owning a Virago NFT you will get access to Web3 Tools for free by using their Proxy Service that is currently in development.

Virago: Unchained is the Featured Game that Virago is currently developing. Virago has a Prototype which is currently available to download and play. Virago: Unchained is a fully hand animated competitive play and earn fighting game with beat’em up gameplay in the story mode.

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