Worried Meerkats

Worried Meerkats - a GENESIS PFP-collection that has become a symbol of TimeSoul! This is the 1/4 Season, which will have 555 meerkats from 2220.

“Meerkats symbolize anxiety, stress, and a lack of mindfulness are the ailments that have afflicted the town of WEB3, which is home to the cutest creatures, meerkats. But one day, a miracle will happen to them!"

A meerkat is not just an image like you typically encounter on the NFT market.

We've come up with cool utilities that you'll receive when you purchase a meerkat. Utilities allow you to enter the TimeSoul ecosystem and get as many bonuses and knowledge as possible!

You can find them on the website: https://dapp.timesoul.com/meerkats.

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