XPG Xtreme Saga Fan Club

The first batch of Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTs features 999 unique patterns that can be obtained from lucky draw crates. The characters in this batch of NFTs consist of Xtreme Saga characters MERA, XENIA, and GAIA. The rarest of these 999 designs are those of MERA. Only 99 NFTs of her will appear in this first batch. Once these boxes are opened on 8/17/2022, collectors who manage to obtain Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFT’s featuring Mera will get the chance to win additional lucky draw prizes. Please note that you must login to your ADATA+ membership account after acquiring one of the Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTs in order to be eligible for these lucky draw opportunities.

First batch: 999
Standard card: 900 (XENIA, GAIA) => Monthly prize
Special card: 99 (MERA) => Monthly prizes + extra prize

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