Apollumia Genesis Pass

The Apollumia Genesis Pass is a collection of 3,333 Quantum Vortex Pass that introduces gamers to an all-new Apollumia® Universe, an epic post-apocalyptic fantasy world that takes place in the realm of Apollumia®.

With striking characters, rich lore, and a captivating storyline, Apollumia® is set to become a gaming IP ecosystem supported by the Quantum Assembly® - a critical infrastructure that serves as the backbone of the entire Apollumia® universe. The infrastructure brings together multiple games and entertainment experiences within the ecosystem, providing seamless interoperability from one world to another, wielding endless possibilities.

Quantum Vortex Pass holders receive exclusive perpetual founder access to the entire Apollumia® experience, events, merchandising, drops, and more.

Join us as the commune of Genesis survivors. We are the ones who will herald the future. Claim the Quantum Vortex Pass to be the forebearers of the future and the caretakers of humanity.

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