Cheebs! Limited Edition #1

To celebrate a new chapter in Cheebs history, we thought it would be fun to release this amazing piece of Cheebs art as a free, limited edition NFT 💎Cheebs originally launched as a free mint and has gained a loyal following with its high quality, super cute PFP collection (available here:

But it's not "just" a PFP collection. Cheebs art is top tier in the NFT space, has a loyal following, and consistently attracts new collectors who love them.

"What's the utility", they ask...

🌴 Burn/redeem for rarer Limited Edition artwork (building on #ChecksVV concept)
❤ Future limited airdrops

More details will be released about the burn-redeem mechanic soon... we recommend holding if you want to own amazing limited Cheebs art, and also get special drops, mints, and gifts in the future!

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