Companions is a collection of unique NFTs crafted by artists and mangakas raised by anime street culture. A collection of 777 NFTs with more than 1200 unique traits. But Companions is more than an NFT project, we aim to build the first Collaborative Anime Studio in the Metaverse empowering artists in web3.0.

With already 3 short manga delivered by the community’s Mangaka (designer) and Goribu (storyteller) working together to create the new generation of manga for the Companions’ community. Going beyond Companions, we are creating alliances with other well-known projects to collaborate talents from each of the community to create a new manga in a merged universe.
Opening of a marketplace is also in the pipeline. Sending your companions to missions will gain you rewards and you will be able to buy articles and services such as NFTs, USDT. Most of all, you will also be able to hire an artist to create a fanart, background story, toys or merch about your companions.

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