Cool Ape Club Official

A wild Cool Ape Club has been spotted in the Jungle!

As the world drew out of darkness and the sun began to rise, mystical yellow objects began to appear in trees throughout the Metaverse. These strange objects caught the attention of the Cool Apes who made it their objective to claim every one of them they could find.

Earn $BANANAZ, obtain your land and claim your unique Capeverse Ape from any 7 regions.

Holders of Cool Apes will also gain access to Jungle Game in 2022; a full feature play-to-earn adventure (P2E) ecosystem with over 500 unique scenarios, interactive minigames and both stealing and breeding mechanisms. Holders utilise BANANAZ to increase their dominance in the Jungle.

Your NFT may accumulate a utility token ("BANANAZ") passively. BANANAZ has no other functionality other than within the Cool Ape ecosystem, and it cannot be purchased from Cool Ape Developers. The Cool Ape Developers do not provide or intend to provide a secondary marketplace for BANANAZ.

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