MARK by Figure31

Manifestations of fictive identities rendered in the style of shared visual language. Human markers, fingerprints, imagined by a machine, embodied in collective memory.

MARKS are GAN-generated images of fingerprints expressed in the shared visual language of blockchain art aesthetics: pixelation. They are unique identifiers of a fictive digital identity, coupled with names generated from a list of shortened common surnames. Once five of them are assembled, they can be used to claim a set of five rings. This second state, an unbreakable link between the digital and the physical realm, creates a trust bond between the artist and the collectors. Information about an Ethereum wallet address, private key, and a domain name is engraved on the inner side of the rings.

There are 500 MARKS, and only 42 sets of rings are available (42 have been claimed as of 22/07/2022 01:45 EST)

By Figure31 in collaboration with (GALLERY)

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