MONKEY BUSINESS imagines a dystopian future where humans never emerged, allowing savage apes to evolve and dominate the planet. Out of the forest and into the corporate jungle, the apes now battle for supremacy amongst each other.

Before the boredom, before the yachts.

All 1/1 portraits
424 ETH tokens

Apes fall into various categories
--Middle management
--Gang member
--Law enforcement
--Golden Ape

Utility: project will give back 40% of earnings over the first 96 hours after mint in the form of ETH airdrops
-after 24 hours: 10% of earnings go to holder of the most Retiree apes
-48 hours: next 10% of earnings given to whichever wallet holds all members of the Shadow Gang
-72 hours: next 10% of earnings goes to wallet holding the Executive Ape with highest last sale
-96 hours: 10% of earnings given to wallet holding the Golden Ape

Law Enforcement ape = WL for the next installment of the Ape Journey series

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