Nomad Blvd | First Edition

The 3,500 Nomad NFTs are based on Isabelle’s famous Isabelle Gorilla character, which she first painted in 2011. The Nomad represents the uncensored human — who we are beneath the images we project. In a culture defined by the media’s constructed ideals of beauty and celebrity, Isabelle’s Gorillas stand for authenticity and self-acceptance. They let it all hang out and, despite their large, hairy bodies and pot bellies, they’re quietly self-confident and unfazed.They are Nomads, untethered from the expectations of society. As the Metaverse presents new challenges to identity, status, and success, the Nomads are a mirror. They are us and we are them. They invite us to not take anything too seriously, to laugh at ourselves, and embrace the absurdities of life. They are here to remind us of what’s important, our IRL imperfections, and our essential human nature.

Nomads are randomly assigned by burning a mint pass: you can buy a pass here:

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